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Unleash Your True Strength with BYLD: The Ultimate Muscle Builder

BYLD is a revolutionary supplement designed for hardcore fitness enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best for their muscle-building journey. Packed with a powerful blend of MEDIATOR® 50P, PROEPICATE™, APIGENIN®, and ASTRAGIN®, BYLD is meticulously crafted to supercharge your muscle gains and elevate your workout performance. It's the perfect ally for those challenging their limits in the gym and aiming to scale new heights in physical strength and muscle size.

Key Benefits:

Maximized Muscle Growth with MEDIATOR® 50P: Loaded with Phosphatidic Acid, BYLD directly stimulates the mTOR pathway, pivotal for rapid muscle protein synthesis. This component is crucial for those looking to significantly enhance their muscle growth and strength, particularly when combined with intense resistance training.

Inhibition of Muscle Growth Limiters: Thanks to PROEPICATE™ (Epicatechin), BYLD goes beyond conventional supplements by inhibiting myostatin, a protein that restricts muscle growth. It also boosts mitochondrial biogenesis and nitric oxide production, enhancing blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles for better endurance and muscle definition.

Enhanced Muscle Protein Synthesis: With APIGENIN®, BYLD targets and supports muscle hypertrophy through the mTOR pathway. This bioflavonoid ensures that your training efforts contribute more effectively to muscle building.

Optimized Nutrient Absorption for Quicker Recovery: Featuring ASTRAGIN®, BYLD maximizes the absorption and utilization of essential nutrients, including a remarkable increase in amino acid uptake. This leads to faster muscle recovery and growth post-training, allowing you to return to your workouts with increased strength and vitality.

BYLD is more than just a supplement; it's a commitment to your bodybuilding goals. It's for those who are relentless, determined, and hardcore about their fitness and muscle growth. Transform your body and elevate your workouts with BYLD – the choice of elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Unbound BYLD 30 servings

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