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Post Falls Sports Nutrition opened for business on 8/11/2015. It was a long-term dream that became a reality, featuring numerous products targeted towards all age groups and athletic abilities. We have products for everyone from the bodybuilder to the nutrition novice. We feature vitamins, all types of proteins, pre-and post-workout supplements, as well as weight loss options and energy-enhancers. We also offer a variety of protein bars, cookies, and other snacks with gluten-free and vegan options available for everyone.

The History

First, let me introduce myself. My name is J Denesha, I was born and raised in Bakersfield Ca. I moved here to Post Falls Idaho in October of 2014. I love extreme sports, my close circle of friends, anything outdoors, (especially with a board under my feet) my dog, and I’m VERY passionate about ALL things nutrition and training related. Lastly and most importantly my FAMILY! My mother is my #1 hero, role model, and best friend. That’s the short, sweet, and speed-read version for anybody that cares to hear it.

First off, my goal here at PFSN is to be of service to anyone who desires it and to share what information I have learned in the past 2+ decades of experimentation on myself. That being said, I am 100% convinced of what my life’s purpose is, and that is to keep improving my own self, my thirst for knowledge, to be and do better, and try harder each day.

So if I told you that an awesome sense of well-being can be achieved by EVERYONE would you believe me? Each and every one of us can have a clear mind, high energy levels, good emotional balance, and a super sweet attitude if we really want it. We all have the desire not only to be physically fit but to feel great I hope.

My definition of health here at PFSN is not to just help people lose weight, gain muscle, or to get ripped. My goal is to help people with any problems they have from diabetes to the resilience of infectious diseases, injury, and immunity from major killer diseases like heart disease, diabetes, or cancer through nutrition.

Most of those things I just listed above I’ve lived through and fixed through nutrition and natural supplementation. I've had a very long list of crap to deal with since 2004 and if you want to get things dialed in through nutrition I’m your guy.

My point being: I have learned the hard way to have the utmost respect for life and know better than anyone how fast life can go badly, or just be gone PERIOD!  I wholeheartedly understand what it really means to appreciate each and every second of every single day. This stuff probably doesn’t even make sense to most people because it very hard to put into words. It’s stuff you just have to personally deal with understand and apply to life.

I’m definitely no English major, or writing genius by any means, but I have been writing this stuff down in my journals for the past 10 years so it can’t hurt to share and hope that somebody gets it. I’m just trying to give you my perspective on looking at things differently, and why I’m here doing what I do. So if a few of my life experiences or opinions about some things help somebody out for a quick second then “today was a good day.”

We all want a healthy mind, body, soul, and spirit, I hope? To feel great starting from the inside out. I am the #1 person on this earth that is absolutely convinced we can do whatever it is that we want in this life. It always comes back to this – How bad do we really want it?

This isn’t just some closed-minded belief of mine or some insane opinion. I witness this with my very own eyes day after day, over, and over again. Not just with myself, but I have seen more people transform in a positive way than I could begin to count if my life depended on it.

Health has always been a super wicked, and interesting fight for me, and I’m always learning, improving, and constantly evolving day by day, and baby-step, by baby-step to be a better version of myself.

None of us are ever going to come close to perfection unless you're a robot. (That would suck!)

What makes life so interesting and special to or for you? I challenge you to ask yourself that question. (seriously)

Here, I will even share and go first because I already know what my answer is.

When looking back at things in life my answer is going through the not-so-fun times, my failures, and more failures, and hey did I say I’m good at FALLING FLAT ON MY FACE! It takes me a bit longer to learn than most, but hey?

We all have a journey in life no matter who we are or what we become, but we learn how to deal with mental, physical, and emotional pain in life. I’ll be the first to admit how miserably I’ve failed when dealing with the hardcore issues life has thrown my way, but I’m glad I’ve been where I’ve been and seen what I’ve seen because it’s made me into the person I am today. I’ve had more screw-ups, complete failures, and more chances at life than a cat!

I have learned to be a much more positive person and looking at things completely differently because I know how quickly things can get worse. When you think you have things bad believe me that it could be worse. (Please believe that) The perspective I have now, looking at things differently, and turning all the negative stuff that comes into my life and twist it up into my own customized spit wad ball of positive good shit and keep rollin.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in my short time on this earth is to really appreciate life, and ALWAYS live in the moment, and do my absolute best at keeping a solid mindset, but most importantly making myself smile deep down. (Sounds really crazy, corny, but it’s the 100% truth) That’s all that really matters in my mind. As long as I’m good with myself, and give life the best me I can. (That’s all that I’ve got) The reason I say this is because I know how fast my life can take a nosedive at any moment, and be straight up DONE-SKI!

That being said – I have more hospital time under my belt than I can remember, begin to count, keep track of, but honestly I don’t care to admit or rerun in my brain. But, I have been sliced, diced, punctured, broken, or fractured about every bone in my body even my teeth. (seriously I only have like four of my originals) Skull has been completely shattered and removed, brain scrambled, been skin grafted ankles to knees, scared up EVERYWHERE, wires, and screws all up my body holding bones together, to a fake piece for my dome that I still can’t even pronounce. More procedures, surgeries, endocrinology imbalances, neurological problems, than I care to admit from brain trauma, and surgeries. At 35 years old I had more open-heart surgeries than you would believe. Actually, everything in my body is fake, from my teeth, pig valve, pacemaker wires, screws, and pins holding everything together from my dome to my chest, to my skin grafted up the ankle to knees. My 9 lives should have been up before I hit 30. I’ve got more time in hospital beds with tubes down my throat, up my nose, feeding tubes, and places I never even knew tubes should or could go? From where I stand now, I’m thankful for each and every part of it. It's going through those tough times that have made me who I am today, and it has made me stronger and taught me more than I could ever begin to put into words.

I can definitely say this for sure;

With a positive perspective, good attitude, and the million-dollar mindset I carry in my dome, life is always all GOOD in my book. Remember this is just my perspective, and I don’t expect people to understand what I’m even saying, but I hope by me opening up a bit, it helps.

If I want something bad enough, NOTHING will ever stop me. I know I can, or will overcome anything life throws at me! I’m always going to be learning, growing, and evolving each day. And this will never ever stop for me as long as I draw breath in this life.

We all have our injuries, scars, our good days, and just as bad days to follow. I sure know that I do, and I still deal with a lot of my issues each and every single day, but when putting the whole grand scheme of things in perspective, I ALWAYS make sure to check myself first thing when I open my eyes each morning and tell myself this- I’m still here,  I’m breathing on my own, so today is going to be a great day!

Thank you for reading

Love your life




Best go to for workout nutrition for sure! Down to earth honest opinion on what he thinks would be best for you, not what he thinks would be a good profit, and doesn't push it on you at all. Would highly recommend this place.

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