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If you train with a strong "mind-muscle" connection you can push past your mental limitations and stimulate more muscle growth. This is indisputable.

it works

Why? Because it's formulated with the next evolution of caffeine, Enfinity® Paraxanthine, and the badassery of 7 other cutting-edge clinically studied ingredients. However, effective, clinically studied ingredients don't mean sh*t if they are just a "proprietary" (oh, so super-secret) blend pixie dusted just to put it in the ingredient list.

Our "Full Disclosure Blend" ensures that the active ingredients in Mutant® MIND FK™ are at peak efficacious levels, so you can "focus-up" and destroy your workout. For most people, you'll feel the kick in about 15 minutes, and the experience can last up to 5 hours!

Mutant® MIND FK™ is a new mutation that has evolved past that of the typical pre-workout. It’s not underdosed, ineffective, and not amped up by a bunch of cheap-a** caffeine.

Mutant Mind FK

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