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ISO-PF stands out as a superior whey protein isolate powder, and what sets it apart is its source - whey derived from the milk of pasture-fed cows. Each 28.5 gram scoop of ISO-PF provides 25 grams of premium pasture-fed whey protein.

As the gold standard for protein supplementation, whey protein is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids, making it ideal for fulfilling your macro goals.

ISO-PF utilizes whey protein isolate (WPI), the purest form of protein available, boasting a protein content of at least 90% by weight. Unlike other forms like whey protein concentrate (WPC), isolate contains minimal quantities of carbs, fats, and lactose. This ensures better digestibility and effortless tracking of macronutrients.

The true brilliance of ISO-PF lies in its sourcing of WPI from pasture-raised cows. These cows live healthier lives and are treated more humanely compared to their feedlot counterparts. By avoiding the stress-hormone-rich environment, ISO-PF delivers a far more nutritious end product.

Choose ISO-PF for the ultimate protein supplement experience, backed by the goodness of pasture-fed whey protein isolate. Achieve your fitness goals while supporting a healthier and more sustainable approach to nutrition

Inspired Iso-PF

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