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Extreme Nitric Stack is the most powerful and complete nitric oxide vasodilator and cell volumizing formula available. This all-in-one supplement sets the industry standard and is the only product that includes full therapeutic dosages of the alpha-ketoglutarate version of arginine, ornithine, and creatine, along with glutamine, taurine, citrulline, and beta-alanine that have all been lab tested to insure potency.

An 8-in-1 formula of this caliber could easily be twice the cost, but we want to keep the price low so that you can experience the powerful formula in NutraBio Extreme Nitric Stack for yourself. Once you try it, you’ll never switch to another supplement ever again. With the ability to experience unimaginable and cartoonish muscle pumps, strength, power, recovery, and workout performance, you prime your body to support extreme muscle growth.


  • Achieve insane muscle pumps that create rock-hard muscle
  • Increase baseline nitric oxide to improve blood flow and pumps
  • Amplify muscle repair and recovery
  • Boost GH and protein synthesis to maximize muscle growth
  • Reduce lactic acid buildup to improve workout intensity
  • Improve muscularity, strength, endurance, and volumize muscle cells

Nutrabio Extreme Nitric Stack

SKU: 12158
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