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Question I had in shop. Can you convince me to wake up at 4 in the morning?


If you wake up at 4 in the morning you can sleep early till 9 and then again wake up at 4 and then this virtuous cycle will begin. This virtuous cycle is far better than the vicious cycle of sleeping late and waking up late.

You will have a lead of atleast 3 hours from others so mathematically 3 hrs daily when calculated for a month accounts 90 hours. Which means you will have 3 extra days in a month and 36 days in a year which means an entire month extra.

If you start your work in the morning you are more likely to finish it. It is one the secrets of successful people all around the world.

If you wake up early you will feel like leader which will boost your mentality and attitude.

Boost your work ethics drastically.

Waking up at 4 is suited to the natural body clock so it will definitely enhance your productivity. So even if you will sleep by 9 p.m even then the hours in between will be more productive.

There is least traffic in the morning so it's easy to meditate and is an ideal time to meditate and connect yourself with the supreme Being and charge yourself for the entire day.

You will be more energetic the entire day. You will have enough time for yourself without any distubance and distraction and spending time with yourself might help you explore yourself in a more better way.

Your bowel movement will be in tune and proper.

You will have a great physical, mental as well as spiritual health if you utilise the time in a better way. When people will wake at eight a.m. and struggle to start their day you will feel confident to have completed many tasks already.

You will be everywhere in time and you will be praised and rewarded for this at some point of time. You will feel good about yourself.

You can feel the freshness and calmness of the air and spend some quality time with the nature listening to the chirping of the birds.

You can see the sunrise. It will make your day already. It's the best time for Yogasadhna.

Whatever you read in the morning will stay with you for longer period of time. And it will take less time to learn new things. And in that extra time you can learn a new hobby. What more do you want.!

Waking up early and sleeping at night will help save a lot of electricity if all of us do that and directly or indirectly it's going to help our economy. I think this is a big reason.Hope I was able to motivate you.

Love your life


Please try this and let me know how do you feel after 60 days.

P.S.: It's really hard to convince someone to do anything, but I gave it my best shot. Hope it helped somebody.

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